When Virender Sehwag stopped a Test to remember the lyrics of a song

Virender Sehwag while hitting his second triple hundred(against South Africa in 2008 at Chennai) forgot the lyrics of ‘Tu Jane Na’ in between his innings. He called Ishant Sharma, the 12th man in the match and asked him to get the lyrics of the song from his iPod. Everybody thought that Sehwag was asking for the drinks. We all know Sehwag has a habit of singing songs while batting but who thought that he will delay a match just to get the lyrics of the song.

Sehwag also shared about why he used to sing songs while batting. Before facing a ball, he used to think whether to hit the ball for a six or four. Singing a song while batting diverted his mind from this and he was able to concentrate more.

See this video while Sehwag singing in All stars game USA

Source: Sehwag

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