The man appeared as a Middle class stunned Dileep Kumar

This heart-warming episode was once narrated by Dilip Kumar himself at a public platform.

Long ago while Dilip Kumar was a big star in Bollywood with all the successes at his feet, the star was travelling by plane. The passenger sitting on the seat next to his was elderly and was quietly reading his newspaper, occasionally looking outside. With no airs around him, he sipped the tea when it arrived. And while rest of the co-passengers kept looking in Dilip’s direction, this gentleman kept to himself.

This unconcerned attitude of this man left Dilip uneasy. This is when Dilip in his attempt to strike a conversation asked him, “Do you watch films?”.

The man replied,
“Oh, very few. I did see one many years ago”.
Dilip took the chance to tell him that he worked in films. To this, the man next to him asked, “Oh, that’s nice. What do you do?”

Dilip Kumar; “I am a film actor”
Man; “Oh, wonderful?” There was no further exchange of thoughts whatsoever.
Once the fight hit the runway, Dilip Kumar held out his hand to the man and said, “It was good to travel with you. By the way, my name is Dilip Kumar”

The man shook hand and smiled,

“Thank you. I am J.R.D. Tata”

As C.S. Lewis said, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

J.R.D Tata had the honor of being India’s first pilot; was Chairman of Tata & Sons for 50 years; launched Air India International as India’s first international airline; received Bharat Ratna in 1992.

JRD Tata was one of the most enterprising Indian entrepreneurs. He was a pioneer aviator and built one of the largest industrial houses of India.

Source: J.R.D.Tata – Dileep Kumar

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