Sachin’s reply to Alan Donald when Donald sledged Dodda Ganesh

This is an incident involving Sachin Tendulkar, Allan Donald and a former Indian fast bowler Dodda Ganesh which is shared by Master blaster itself.

“Dodda Ganesh and I were batting and Alan Donald was bowling lightning-fast deliveries.When Dodda faced his onslaught fearlessly Alan started mouthing words at Dodda. On three consecutive deliveries Dodda got confused but did not lose his wicket. At the end of the over Alan went over to Dodda and let loose a string of verbal abuses. Since Dodda’s face remained impassive, Alan became even more furious. I witnessed the interaction from the non-striker’s end. When Alan came to fetch his cap from the the umpire at the end of his over, I told him: “Alan, Dodda only knows a local language called Kannada. I find it difficult to communicate with him as well when we are batting together. So how can he understand your abuses in English? If you want to trouble him, speak to him in Kannada so that at least he will understand.” This made Alan even more furious. He almost snatched his cap from the umpire and making wild gestures with his hands”.

Source: Sachin on sledging

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