Move over, Oscars….here Come The Pawscars

Pawscars, an unofficial, animal-centric spin on the Oscars. In 2011 the American Humane Society announced the creation of the Pawscars to honor animal performers in movies.

The American Humane Association (AHA) is an organization founded in 1877, committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. AHA’s leadership programs are first to serve in promoting and nurturing the bonds between animals and humans. It was previously called the International Humane Association, before changing its name in 1878. In 1940, it became the sole monitoring body for the humane treatment of animals on the sets of Hollywood films and other broadcast productions. AHA is best known for its trademarked certification “No Animals Were Harmed”, which appears at the end of film or television credits.

The PATSY Award was originated by the Hollywood office of the American Humane Association in 1939. They decided to honor animal performers after a horse was killed in an on-set accident during the filming of the Tyrone Power film Jesse James. Over the years the PATSY Award ceremony was hosted by various celebrities. The awards ended in 1986 due to lack of funding.

In 2011 the American Humane Society announced the creation of the Pawscars, described as, “an unofficial, animal-centric spin on the Oscars.”

“Animal stars are some of America’s most treasured institutions, and our Pawscars Awards pay tribute to the best furry, winged and scaled acting performers from not only the past year, but all time,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane Association’s president and CEO. “American Humane Association is proud to have been on the sets of these movies protecting millions of our most beloved the animal stars on hundreds of thousands of sets worldwide for more than 75 years. Congratulations to all our winners! I hope their trainers are rewarding them with plenty of treats and hugs. We offer our deepest thanks to Pauley Perrette and Lou Wegner for co-hosting this year’s show and to everyone who voted for their favorite animal buddy movie, drama and family movie of all time.”

The majority of awards will be voted on by the public. The Pawscars committee will also aim to recognise those often unsung heroes who will be invited to join The Pawscars Hall Of Fame and The Peek A Boo Trust’s award for Outstanding Achievement.

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