Dude, there is a religion called “Dudesim”

Dudeism is a philosophy and lifestyle inspired by “The Dude”, the main character of the Coen Brothers’ 1998 film The Big Lebowski.

Oliver Benjamin, ‘The Dudely Lama’, set up Dudeism inspired by character in The Big Lebowski .
Inspired by the way of life of The Dude, portrayed in the film by Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges, American Oliver Benjamin, decided to set up the alternative religion of Dudeism. Dudeism’s official organizational name is The Church of the Latter-Day Dude.

An estimated 350,000 Dudeist Priests have been ordained worldwide as of August 2016 and marriages have been officiated legally by Dudeist clergy in some US states. Mr Benjamin, who now lives in Thailand, gave up his job to spread the word of Dudeism

Dudeism advocates and encourages the practice of “going with the flow”, “being cool headed”, and “taking it easy” in the face of life’s difficulties, believing that this is the only way to live in harmony with our inner nature and the challenges of interacting with other people. It also aims to reduce feelings of inadequacy that arise in societies which place a heavy emphasis on achievement and personal fortune. Consequently, simple everyday pleasures like bathing, bowling, and hanging out with friends are seen as far preferable to the accumulation of wealth and the spending of money as a means to achieve happiness and spiritual fulfillment

Dudeism has sometimes been regarded as a mock religion, though its founder and many adherents regard it seriously. March 6 is the annual sacred high holy day of Dudeism: The Day of the Dude.

Benjamin said: ‘I had been a student of religion and spirituality for years but ultimately gave up on my quest. It seemed that all the schools of thought I encountered either took everything too seriously or were too irrational”.
He said: ‘Dudeism is my full time job and I mean “full time” very loosely.

Source: Dudeism

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