Dinkoism, a new religion in Kerala and Lord Dinkan is their God

Dinkoism or the Dinkoist religion, is a religion and a social movement that emerged and evolved on social networks organized by independent welfare groups in the Indian state of Kerala.

The religion purports to worship the great Dinkan, a comic book creation. Dinkoists celebrate the fictional mouse character as their God for the supposed purpose of exposing the fallacies and practices of traditional religions. Dinkan is a comic superhero mouse which appeared in 1983 in a no-longer active children’s magazine Balamangalam.

According to a report in India Today, the mock religion was established in 2008 in the state of Kerala by a group of Rationalists, with the intention of ridiculing “the absurdity of blind religious faith.” There are plans for the community to actively involve themselves in politics. Dinkoism is gaining members through Facebook. Although adherents describe Dinkoism as a genuine religion, it is described in the media as a parody religion.

While the concept of Dinkoism has been spreading through social media, the movement has organized events in which real people turned up at protests. On January 30, 2016, a group of Dinkoists, under the banner of Mooshikasena (Rat army) held a mock protest in front of Dhe Puttu restaurant owned by popular Malayalam actor Dileep alleging that his upcoming film Professor Dinkan hurt their religious sentiments. It was a mockery on similar protests happening worldwide. Earlier Dinkoism was in news when an NRI Dinkoist from California had obtained a license plate with the inscription DINKAN for his car, out of his devotion for Dinkan. New Age Dinkoists are very rigorous in their criticism of mainstream religions. They oppose child marriage, patriarchy and polygamy. They are against a narcissist Abrahamic God

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