A Village with the most unusual names

Did you know Sonia Gandhi often hangs out with Shah Rukh and Amitabh Bachchan? And Congress and Janata are actually best friends!

If you think i’m kidding, let me tell you – I’m not? I mean it when I say that a 3-year-old Sonia Gandhi often plays with Shah Rukh and Amitabh in the neighbourhood park. And on the first day of their school, Congress and Janata became friends. Mind-boggling, is it? But not for the people of Bhadrapur Village, who have a special fancy naming children after places, structures and people who they come across or hear about when the baby is born.

What’s in a Name?
A bizarre and rather funny naming ritual that started almost a decade ago by the Hakki Pikki community (a tribal community), this is just one of their many strange customs.

Almost four decades ago, this lesser-known tribe used to live in the forest. But due to strict hunting laws and other related practices implemented by the forest department during the 1970s, the government relocated them to urban areas such as Bhadrapur, near Bangalore.

This lesser-known village is home to people named English, Coffee, Bus, Train, Military, Hotel, Dollar, Google, British, Anil Kapoor, High Court, Elizabeth and many others. It feels like they took Shakespeare’s famous adage, ‘What’s in a name?’ a little too seriously.

Ask the tribesmen what inspires them to name their children in this manner and they’d tell you it’s a combination of multiple factors from their surrounding – places they’ve visited in recent times, celebrities they admire or any new food item that they’ve tasted. So, if the parents like the Indian sweet Mysore Pak, it’s likely the child would actually be named after that!

Another strange practice followed in the community is that here, dowry is actually given by men to the bride
Boasting of at least a hundred passport holders, people here travel a lot on business, their top destinations being Nepal, China and Tibet.

Source: A village with the most unusual names

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